Benefits of Radiosurgery


Radiosurgery can be appropriate for many early-stage cancers and small metastases*, for example: mets in the brain and spine. It may be used as an alternative to conventional surgery to treat some challenging cases, especially when the tumor is inaccessible for open surgery, or if the operation is high-risk. In some cases, radiosurgery may be considered the most appropriate treatment modality for a particular cancer or a particular patient.

A few notable benefits of radiosurgery:

  • There are no incisions, no stitches, and therefore, no post-surgical recovery time.
  • Radiosurgery is performed on an outpatient basis, so the patient can usually return to his or her normal activities the day following treatment.
  • Treatment is delivered in only one to five sessions.

*Benedict et al.: Stereotactic body radiation therapy: The report of TG101. Med. Phys. 37 „8…, August 2010