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Unlocking the Power of Imagination for Pediatric Patient Care

empowerME aims to alleviate treatment-related fears for pediatric patients using Cosmo for Kids animations. Cosmo is empowerME's lovable, green buddy with a bright red nose. Specifically designed for children, Cosmo for Kids transforms radiation treatment into an engaging and comforting journey with Cosmo. Designed to be viewed with the patient's clinical care team, Cosmo for Kids allows the patient to understand radiation therapy and their role in the treatment process.

The Cosmo for Kids offering is comprised of a Cosmo plush or stress toy and four animations explaining the radiotherapy treatment process with an introduction to radiotherapy, an overview of CT simulation, preparation for the first treatment, and a celebration of the final radiotherapy treatment.

Here's why Cosmo for Kids is the perfect companion for pediatric patients:

Cosmo, the Treatment Guide

Join Cosmo in four captivating animations narrated by Cosmo's friend, Emma. These animations enable children to learn about their treatment in relatable language and a supportive atmosphere.

Comforting Companion

As a special touch, each child receives a plush Cosmo or stress toy as a loyal treatment buddy. This comforting companion reminds them that they're not alone while undergoing radiation therapy.

Compatible with Leading Technologies

Cosmo for Kids animations are crafted for TrueBeam and Halcyon radiotherapy systems, and the ProBeam 360° system. Care teams can proctor sessions with patients tailored to the technology they're treated on, offering personalized guidance to each child.

Ready to unlock the Power of Imagination for Pediatric Care?

Ask your care team if Cosmo for Kids is available in your clinic. For other questions, please contact the empowerME team.