Prostate Cancer

Everything we do at Varian is motivated by a desire to make a difference in the lives of patients. For a first-hand perspective about the patient experience in radiotherapy or radiosurgery treatment, we invite you to read and watch our patient stories. These patients have shared with us what it was like after they were diagnosed and then treated using powerful technology from Varian.

Michael Gunville

"I'm Not Going to Let This Cancer Beat Me"

The doctors gave me three options, said Michael. "I could be treated with radiotherapy, or surgery, or I could simply go the "watchful waiting" route, without any treatment, and see what happened. The decision was 100% mine." Nonetheless, partly because of a family history...


Ray Sagar

Prostate Cancer Patient "Fascinated" by the Technology Used to Treat His Tumor

Looking worried, a general physician told Ray Sagar to see a specialist and have his prostate examined as soon as possible. Ray said that he would. As he and his wife left the doctor's office and were walking down a hallway to go home, the doctor stopped them and adamantly told Ray for a second time...


Sabin Robbins

Sabin Robbins Receives Radiotherapy to Treat Prostate Cancer

As a regular cruise ship lecturer—discussing ocean appropriate topics such as whales, sharks, and pirates—Sabin Robbins, 75, had always enjoyed the experience of sharing his expertise on wildlife. But aboard a cruise ship bound for the waters of Alaska in 2008 his experience was markedly different. Shortly before the trip, Sabin had learned