Breast Cancer

Everything we do at Varian is motivated by a desire to make a difference in the lives of patients. For a first-hand perspective about the patient experience in radiotherapy or radiosurgery treatment, we invite you to read and watch our patient stories. These patients have shared with us what it was like after they were diagnosed and then treated using powerful technology from Varian.

Carol Keys

Respiratory-Gating Used to Treat Carol's Breast Cancer

Carol Keys found out she had Stage I Breast Cancer not long after she and her sister lost their mother to a cancer of unknown primary. Carol, fortunately, had always been diligent about routine check-ups, and when she went in for her annual mammogram in 2007, a lump was found...


Edie Dagley

Early Detection Leads to a Good Prognosis

Cancer often runs in families and Edie Dagley’s mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of forty-five. So as she approached her 45th birthday, Edie saw her doctor and scheduled an MRI. As it turned out...


Nora Carlson

Nora’s "Medical Journey"

Thanks to a routine mammogram, it was discovered after examining several films that Nora had calcifications on her chest wall. A lumpectomy, performed by a surgeon at a nearby hospital, resulted in the successful removal of her tumor. Nora’s doctors recommended radiation therapy to treat any cancerous cells that...