Patient Stories

For a first-hand perspective about the patient experience in radiotherapy or radiosurgery treatment, we invite you to read and watch our patient stories. These patients have shared with us what it was like after they were diagnosed and then treated using powerful technology from Varian. If you have your own treatment story to share, you can submit it here.

“I felt perfectly confident going into those treatment sessions each day.”
“Every person I've known is a much stronger person having been through it.”
“It was like my body never knew that I was undergoing treatments.”
“I feel like my role is not as a cancer "survivor." I feel like a cancer thriver.”
“I think this kind of treatment will change the way patients think about radiation therapy.”
“I felt well enough to continue working through the first four sessions.”
“My experience was good, considering I was fighting cancer.”
“I’d be in the treatment room for 15 minutes, and I’m out.”
“I was surprised that within two to three minutes the treatment sessions were complete.”
“When I breathed, they had it calibrated in such a way that when my chest reached an exact, particular point, it triggered the burst (of radiation).”
“As I lay on the treatment table, watching the machine rotate around me, I thought 'this is absolutely incredible.'”